A Brief Overview of
Barrett Visionary Development

Barrett Visionary Development is a national real estate investment and development company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With a focus on mixed-use development in urban settings, Barrett Visionary Development receives accolades and respect for their branding of successful ultra luxury projects.

With a strong management team and international financial support, Barrett Visionary Development delivers exceptional vision and economic returns.

Enhancing city skylines through the collaboration of architectural structures and solid investment returns.

We are visionaries
and leaders.

Boldness, confidence and vision are the corner stones in the development of "Destinations", not just buildings.

Synergies within a mixed-use concept have proven to be a solid platform and formula in creating successful and profitable destinations to meet market impulses, locations, governmental dynamics and lifestyles.

Within vital markets, our developments take on a leadership role within a given city. These projects foster excitement and opportunities for residences, business, employment and adjacent economic growth.

Our Team is
Second to None

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Barrett Visionary Development has woven together a seasoned team of professionals that are the best in their class.

Our development process is focused around market analysis and fluidity, intuitiveness, dynamic marketing, costs/timeline management, and a passion to create not only unique and viable environments, but iconic brands.



Rinka | Chung Architecture, Inc.

756 N Milwaukee Street
Suite 250
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Rinka Chung Architecture, Inc. is a design focused architecture firm existing to serve progressive and visionary clients. Drawing from diverse design and technical backgrounds, our passion is taking complex problems and creating simple, yet elegant, architectural solutions. Arrived at through both rational and creative thought processes, we strive to obtain both highly functional and beautiful projects.

By establishing meaningful relationships with each client and thoroughly understanding the uniqueness of each project, we tailor our process and design approach to exceed all expectations.

Vetter Denk

161 South First Street
Suite 400
Milwaukee, WI 53204

We are a small, passionate and approachable group of architects. Our firm was founded in 1985 based upon a belief in thoughtful design, a comprehensive approach and a determination to deliver great architecture while improving lives. Our focus is upon the experience of the end-user, whether it be a custom single-family home or an urban neighborhood. Our solutions celebrate the opportunities of each site, utilize the project budget to its fullest and offer progressive, artful architecture that stirs the soul.

We consistently embrace new technologies, systems and ideas in order to challenge ourselves and improve our process. We are involved in the entire process in order to maintain a consistent project vision, manage the budget and ensure that the final result is the fullest embodiment of the initial idea.

Hunzinger Construction Company

Established in 1907, Hunzinger Construction Company has a long and successful history of providing professional construction services to the Milwaukee marketplace. Hunzinger is an ENR Top 400 U.S. Construction Management Firm.

Hunzinger Construction Company is proud to be an integral member of the Barrett Visionary team.

21100 Enterprise Avenue
Brookfield, WI 53405

ADX Creative

260 E Highland Avenue
Suite 401
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Creating "wow!" with words. Building the image of a thriving neighborhood before construction ever starts.

That is our task and objective.

Taking a totally integrated approach by identifying your market, the positive attributes and challenges. We determine not just demographics, but the important psychographics of your market. The results are a successful branded image and targeted campaign that brings life and energy to your development before a single brick is ever laid.


Contact Us

Rick Barrett

260 E Highland
Suite 401
Milwaukee, WI 53202
414 220 4726